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Our mission began to help families, that regulary provide veterninary care, to keep the animals they love happy, healthy and in the home.


Eligibility Requirements for With Love From Lily Care Grants


You must be a resident of Connecticut (Hartford county and the immediate area) and meet at least one of the following requirements to be considered for a grant*:


You qualify as low income, see chart below*.

You are unemployed/underemployed.

You are receiving government assistance.

You are disabled and on a fixed income.

You are a senior citizen on a fixed income.

You are homeless. 




 You have been recommended by your veterinarian 



Applicant must provide:


Proof of identification, (driver's license, or other photo identification with name and address).

Recent proof of income, (check stub, tax return, W-2, 1099).

Proof of qualifying benefits, (Medicaid, Unemployment, Food Stamps, SSI, Care Credit declination/approval).

Diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan from veterinarian.

Veterinarian's name, address, phone number and medical license number.

Completed grant application. 

Updates, photos and video of pet, if With Love From Lily is able to help.



In return for our grant, we ask the following of you:


            You allow us to use your pet’s story and photo on our website and social media and   

 You agree to pay it forward to any animal welfare charity of your choice in the future through any of the              following:


                      Participate and/or help plan a fundraising event

                                  Donate or host a food drive for pets in need

                                  Donate cat and/or dog toys for pets in need

                                  Donate supplies such as old blankets, towels, cleaning supplies to a shelter or rescue

                                  Volunteer time at a shelter or rescue

                                  Foster a homeless animal through a local shelter or rescue

                                  Monetary donations if and when their financial situation improves



We cannot provide veterinary care grants if any of the following apply:


You have received aid from With Love From Lily in the past.

You are seeking aid for elective surgery, (surgery not required for survival).

Your pet has completed treatment and you are seeking reimbursement or help with an outstanding bill.

Your pet is terminally ill, with little or no chance of survival.

You have received assistance from another organization or fund for the illness or injury in your application, including, but not limited to funds collected on a GoFundMe page.

You have not applied for CareCredit.

You have applied for CareCredit and were approved.

We suspect suspicious or fraudulent behavior.


If you meet the above eligibility requirements, please complete the grant application. 


Email the following to, or mail to address at top of application:


•Completed application

•Driver's license or photo ID

•Proof of income and/or benefits


Please Note:


Our grant capacity is subject to the availability of funds.

Decisions will be made on a case by case basis and at the discretion of our board.  

Our preference is to work directly with your veterinarian.  Please have them review our site and have them contact us.

Funding is paid directly to the treating veterinarian; it is never given directly to an individual.

If you recieve reimbursement from your pet insurance provider, funds paid by With Love From Lily must be returned.

If you live outside of Connecticut, please contact use to discuss you're situation. 



Low income chart:


Family Size        Yearly Income

                               Is Under:


        1                     $23,340

        2                     $31,460

        3                     $39,580

        4                     $47,700

        5                     $55,820

        6                     $63,940

        7                     $72,060

        8                     $80,180

Over 8,

add per child            $8,120






Apply for Care Credit through this link: 

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