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Lily's Little Helpers


A little help can go a long way and it teaches valuable lessions.


Volunteering builds self-esteem, giving kids the satisfaction and knowledge that they can make the world a better place.  It teaches kindness, compassion, empathy and love for all living things.  It's possible to teach that lesson while having fun, meeting new people and participating in an activity that the child can get passionate about.


Do you have kids, of any age, with a love of animals?  Lily and her friends can use their help.  


Are you looking to get the kids involved?  Need a project for:



 School projects

 Youth Groups?


Does your child have a birthday or special occasion on the horizon? Charitable birthday parties are increasing becoming popular and cuts the clutter in your home.


You'd be surprised at what even the littlest of children can do.  Here are some easy ideas to get involved.  The internet is also full of great ideas. 


Fundraising ideas:

Bake Sales

Coloring Walls and Art Shows

Dog shows

Lemonade stands

Penny Wars


Rubber Duck Races

Spelling Bees

Talent shows and plays



Dog and Cat food drives

Pet toy drives


Get involved:


Help With Love From Lily, or your favorite animal charity, plan or execute a fundraising event

Volunteer time at a local shelter or rescue


Lily's Little Helpers shirts will soon be available through our shop.  


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