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Our Favorite Pets




Meet Diesel


Hi, my name is Diesel and I am 3 years old.  My sister Lola and I were adopted when we just 8 weeks old.


I have a very active lifestyle, but I ease into my day by reading the newspaper.  I love anything paper, as a matter of fact.  Did you know paper has many healing qualities?  Yup, just spread yourself out there on it and find out for yourself.  Really put your stank on it.


When I've finished my morning reading, I like to get myself a snack.  Sometimes my mom hides them in the closet, sometimes they are on top of the fridge.  She makes me work for them, but I'm up for the job.  There is not place I can't find them.  BTW, I don't restrict my diet to cat treats. I love goldfish crackers, so crunchy and delicious.  


After my snack, or whenever the mood strikes, I case the house to see what I can knock on the floor.  Tables, counters, window sills and dressers are the best places to find things.  Take your paw and flick it.  Humans yell will excitement when you do this, so it's good for them too.


Most afternoons I watch the squirrels on the deck.  My mom throws them peanuts.  She's fattening them up so it's easier for me to catch them.  I'll chase Lola for fun.  Sometimes my cousin Trixie comes to visit and it ruins my whole day.  What cat wants to spend their day with a Golden Retriever?


When the kids get home from school, I help them with their homework.  I prefer the paper kind, but I can help them with the computer too.  We also play games, like Scrabble.  When I've had enough, I just lay on the board and swat the pieces.  So much fun.  


I watch some tv, but I can't wait to hit the hay at night.  I pick a bed, and sometimes a head, curl up and go to sleep. I can hardly wait to do it all over tomorrow.  

Meet Poopy


Hi, my name is Poopy.  I'm about 7 years old and I'm a chinchilla.  I'm not sure how I got my name.  Some people say, "look around your cage", but I don't think that is true.


I am a widow.  My husband's name was Smokey.  We had twins.  They are now grown and moved in their own homes.


I grew up in Connecticut.  We moved to Maryland and we currently live in Shrewsbury, PA.  My cage is in my dad's office, so many days I subliminally whisper "Move back to Connecticut."  I don't think he's heard me yet because we're still here.  As a chinchilla, I prefer the cold air.  


I love the nightlife.  I want to boogie.  That's right, I am nocturnal. I squeak when I talk and talk up a storm all night.


My favorite things to do are run around my room, bouncing off the walls and taking a dust bath.  I love hay, carrots and dried fruit.


My human brother gets very excited to see me.  He loves to pet my velvety fur.  I razzle dazzle him with my running and jumping skills.  We don't play a lot, because he's only 2.  I like him.  He gives me treats.  








Meet Fluffy


Hi, my name is Fluffy.  I'm proud to say that I am 19 years old.  I chose my family, coming to them from another family and I'm so glad I did.   We live in East Hartford, CT.


The 6 year old granddaughter chose my name. I've grown to love it.  I'm deaf as a stone now, so I don't hear them calling me anyway.


At 19, I'm still very active.  Some people say I have spunk.  I don't know what that means.  I run, climb trees and protect my yard like a guard dog.  


My favorite things to do are eat, sleep and get pets from my mom and dad.  They love me to pieces.



Meet Poppi


Hi, my name is Poppi.  I'm a Chihuahua.  So much fun to say.  Chi waa waa!  I'm happy to say I have a great life, but that wasn't always the case.


In March of 2014, my previous family left me in a neighborhood 40 miles away from our home.  It wasn't the first time they did that.  Mira, I was microchipped and the family that found me had me checked.  They got my name and phone number can called my former family for 8 days. They wouldn't pick up the phone or call back.  That's ok.  I'm really glad they didn't.  They weren't very nice to me.


While my new family was trying to find my old family, they fell in love with me.  They couldn't resist my machismo.  Who could blame them?  Just look at me.  Besides, they NEED me now.  I protect them from all those people coming by the house.  


You didn't hear this, but I get a little nervous during thunderstorms or when I see my family packing up the car for a trip.  When I feel that coming on, I do something manly like go through the trash or poop in the house.  


Yup, I have the life in Jacksonville, FL with my mom, dad, my human sister Brianna and 2 canine siblings.  I have a nice home,  get breakfast in bed and fluffy baby blankets.  I'm a lucky dog!

Meet Puddles


Hi, my name is Miss Puds AKA Puddles.  I'm a 7 year old poodle.


In 2013, I was rescued by Louie's Legacy from a high kill shelter in Staten Island.  I was a hot mess.  I had kennel cough and was dirty.  I thought no one wanted me, but that all changed Mother's Day weekend.  


My favorite things are going to the park, chewing bones, stealing my mother's pillow and sleeping on her.  People tell me I'm sweet.  I have a very happy life and love to give kisses


I now live in Hoboken, NJ with my canine sister, Lola.  I lover her.  She's my best friend. Love my mom too.    





Meet Ginger and Pearl


The two most loved Guinea Pigs on this planet!  They became part of our family 3 years ago with a lot of persuading by my daughter.  We couldn't be happier to get their little love nibbles and warm snuggles under the neck.


Their favorite hobbies are eating, sleeping, wheeting and chewing.  They are very quiet until they hear you coming with dinner.  They love to great us at the cage door whenever we enter the room.  We couldn't imagine our home without them!  


Ginger and Pearl live in South Glastonbury with Lily's Little Helpers, Margo and Sophie and their canine sister, Maezy.

Meet Kirby


Kirby is a Thoroughbred, born in Florida and is 25 years old.  Kirby was adopted by his current family 17 years ago.  


Kirby raced until he was 4 years old, but he wasn't very good on the track.  He was a much better jumper.  When he retired from racing, Kirby began teaching kids and adults to ride.  He taught and participated in shows for many years, until he developed arthritis in his knees. Kirby loves to gallop through the fields and to have little kids ride on occasion.    


Kirby's favorite foods are carrots and apples.  


Kirby lived in South Glastonbury for years, but he recently moved into a barn in Durham. Kirby's enjoying retirement in Durham, CT.  When he arrived, he immediately took to another horse named Dozer and they are best friends.  I'm actually convinced they knew each other at another time in life.  



                                                     Kirby and Dozer


Meet Miss. Piggy


Picture this.  It's the middle of winter in Connecticut.  You're processing an order of plants your florist shop just received from Florida and what do you find?  A tree frog, of course!


If your a frog, everyone assumes your name is Kermit.  At least until your family realizes your a girl.  Then they rename you Miss Piggy.  There are many ways you can tell a male from a female frog.  Female frogs are usually bigger than males.  Coloring, ears, feet and vocal sac are also other clues.  But one thing's for sure.  It isn't easy being green.


Miss Piggy loves munching on flightless fruit flies, mosquitos and an occassional house fly.  Some tree frogs like crickets, but Miss Piggy is too small.  


Miss Piggy lives in Colchester, CT with her best friends, her mom and a beta fish named what else?  Kermit.  






Meet Ryder


Hi my name is Ryder.  I'm 4 years old, weigh 98lbs and when I stand on my hind legs, I'm 5 feet tall.  My mom tells me I'm a Lab/Anatolian Shepard mix, but she's never had me tested.  I live on a farm in South Glastonbury and man, do I have the life.


I love to ride in my mom's truck, swim and chase tennis balls.  Yes, I said chase.  I almost never bring them back.  I leave that to the full blooded retrievers.  


I love my veterinarian and do whatever I can to require a visit.  I get into all kinds of things. One of my favorite things to do is eat the insoles on shoes and socks.  The stinkier, the better. I LOVE them!  Not only are they delicious, they can land you in the hospital.  My mother says I'm the reason pet insurance was invented.


I also like to eat blueberries, cheese and vanilla ice cream.  Oh and horse poop.  Can't get enought of it.


Besides my human family, I have a Shelty brother name Swazey, a kitty sister named Houdini and you met my brother Kirby a few weeks ago.  I have another horse brother, but I can never remember his name.  I think it's Cash or something.  Or maybe that's what my mom is always yelling at me when we're on our way to the vet.  Who knows?






Meet Daisy


It was my first day of vacation. I was shopping on Front Street in Philipsburg, St. Maarten when I was approached by the sweetest little angel face. She had a collar on, so I kept telling myself, she was someone's dog. Don't worry about her. I gave her a pet and went on my way. I couldn't stop thinking about her all week.


On our last day, we were again shopping on Front Street and this little dog found us again. I watched her go up to little kids and try to play with other stray dogs on the beach. None of them were very nice to here and I was heartbroken. Being in another country, I didn't know what to do.


The Destination magazine I received boarding the plane had an article about a rescue on the island called Team Goldendog. The founder, Jeffrey Sochrin, was originally from CT too. With help from Su Wathey of St. Maarten Animal Welfare Foundation, they watched her for a few days to make sure she didn't have a home, picked her up, got her the medical attention she needed and delivered her to me in the US.


Thank you Team Goldendog, St. Maarten Animal Welfare Foundation and SXM Veterinary Clinic for helping me save little Miss Daisy.


Daisy is now a full-fledged Caribbean Snow Dog, but the people from the island would lead you to believe she's a "Coconut Retriever".  Every night when I come home, Daisy's waiting in her favorite chair, watching out the window for me.  She will give me a little howl when I've been gone too long for her liking.  


Daisy was Lily's sister and I am convinced she was sent to us to get us through losing Lily.  Her favorite sleeping spot is on my pillow, just over my head.  Just like a guardian angel.  Always watching over me. 



Meet Link


Polliwog's, baby frogs - cute, maybe I'd get within 5' of a garter snake but having a reptile in my home - NEVER.... or so her mother thought.  


"When my husband and son said they wanted a snake "someday" I said that day will be the day I move out!  Then they started telling me about the adorable baby bearded dragons at the store.  They promised me that they would take care of it and I wouldn't have to do anything at all.  Yea - we all know how that turns out.


The night we picked up "Link" they were like "Here mom hold him" and I'm like "keep that thing away from me!"  That lasted until my husband realized they had given us the wrong terrarium and had to go back to the store.  I think he did it on purpose - he knows that I can't have a living breathing anything in my vicinity without caring for it.  The deal was sealed when two weeks later, we had that big October snowstorm and my husband was at work.  Poor Link needed his heat lamp to keep warm and we had no electricity.  I kept him with me under a sweatshirt all day.  


We've had Link for almost 4 years now and in that time, we've had a few surprises, like the day we found out that "he" was a "she" when she laid a clutch of 12 eggs.  And this past March - again a snowstorm situation when my husband was working and I woke up to find that she had gotten "egg bound" and she needed to get to a vet ASAP.  The first veterinarian we went to said he has only worked with a few reptiles (wish he had said that when we called) would need to sedate her and couldn't "guarantee she would wake up" - uhhh no thanks!  So we had to go to Bolton Vet with Link under my coat trying to climb up into my hair!  Thankfully the Veterinarian there was wonderful and she patched Link up within 10 minutes. 


So despite my many years asserting that I would not have a reptile, I am glad I caved.  She has wormed her way into my heart just as firmly as any warm blooded animal ever has (and as you can see one of our dogs has accepted her as one of the family - the other still thinks she's a toy to be picked up and played with, but he's still a "puppy")"


Link lives in Glastonbury with her human brother Alex and canine siblings MJ and Loki.

Meet Banjo


Banjo was approximately 5 years old when he was found, with his brother, in the woods of Texas.  The boys were found just in time.  They were both very thin and in desperate need of medical attention. Banjo and his brother were rescued by the Texas branch of the North American Shar-Pei rescue (NASPR). Banjo was flown to Connecticut to be with his forever family. 


When Banjo first arrived home, he bumped into everything.  His eye lashes were growing into his eyes and his mommy was giving him eye drops.  She took Banjo for a consultation with a specialist to see what they could do.  His mother told the vet the eye drops she was giving him were working because he was bumping into things less around the house.  The vet looked at her and said, (This is my favorite part, and if you know the family you would understand.  We're not just mean.)  the reason Banjo is bumping into things less is he’s learning where everything is in your house.  Your dog is blind. 


Turns out both Banjo and his brother were blind from Glaucoma and dumped in the woods.  These poor dogs were starving because they couldn’t even find food if they wanted to. 

Banjo’s new sister Matilda, became his care taker.  His seeing eye dog.  (A dog having a seeing eye dog?) Matilda was always by Banjo’s side, guiding him. 


Over the last few weeks, Banjo began having seizures.  Last weekend, the seizures started to occur frequently.  The vets found that Banjo had cancer that had gone to his brain.   Sadly, we lost Banjo on Sunday.  His family, and ours, is heartbroken.  Both his sister Matilda and brother Smokey, the cat, are lost without him.  In the end, Banjo had a great, happy life, with a loving family.  We know he’s playing with his kitty brother Angus and Lily in heaven.   Banjo lived with his family in Manchester, CT.


Rest in peace, dear Banjo.  2004 – 7/12/15

Meet Oliver


Oliver is 5 years old and lives in Orlando, FL.  Oliver was rescued as a kitten and is now the King of his pride.  


Like many kitties, Oliver is prone to bladder infections.  With the help of a prescription diet, he has been infection free for 2 years.  


Oliver is very friendly and social.  He always greets his mommy at the door.  If you tell him you love him, you'll probably get a wink.  Yes, he's a winker.  


Oliver's mommy works at Walt Disney World.  All of his brothers and sisters are named after cat characters from a Disney movie.  Can you guess which Disney movie he's named after?  His may be easy, but can you guess where some of these other names came from?  Gideon, Kiara, Fiagro, Fiona, Lucifer

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